Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sports Photographers

This is MaryLou.  She's THE Outlaws
photographer.  She attends every game
and shoots hundreds of wonderful photos
including pre and post game. 

At any sports event you'll see photographers on the sidelines, in the stands.  People with cameras hoping to get the perfect shot, capture the action and preserve it forever.

I started shooting the Outlaws games in 2004.  In 2008 I bought a new camera and the quality of my photos improved dramatically.  Back in 2004, I was often the only person with a camera.  As the Outlaws got more notice, more photographers started showing up at the games.  Some with serious equipment.  From time to time In this blog I'll talk about the challenges involved in getting good action photos. 

But for today, I'm focusing on the photographers.  I only know a few of them by name.  If you recognize any of them, please tell them they're now famous, captured in the Women Who Play Football blog. 

This is Brian. He has some serious equipment - look at that lens!  I'd love to see his complete collection of photos.  He did some project for, I think, UT with still photos and then video. 

If I were a techie, I'd be able to guess what those
lenses are. I only know for sure they're a lot longer
than my 50-200mm zoom. When the lens is this long, you
need a tripod or monopod to hold the camera steady.

I think I see four photographers in this shot. 
That's a serious video camera.  I think this shooter
is a friend of Soho.

Shooting video from a platform during practice. 

That platform doesn't look very stable.
We photographers take great risks
to get our shot.

When the action is slow on the field, I like to get shots of the fans.
I'll post more fan photos later.  Some fans did a little turnabout and
shot photos of me.  Notice both ladies have camera.  I wonder how
many pictures are shot at a typical game. 

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