Saturday, May 7, 2011

Funny Football Photos

I point the camera to where the action will be.  When the ball is snapped, I push the button and listen to the click-click-click as the camera just keeps taking pictures.  I think  it shoots 2.5 frames per second.  Sometimes I'll just know I got a great shot, like this one -

It's Ski again.  I was watching from the sideline with Bear Barrington.  Bear is a good defensive back who isn't afraid to lay a hit on an opposing runner, but she's fifty pounds lighter than Ski's solid 200 pounds. 

The impact when Ski nails the runner can be heard all the way over to where we're standing.  I was watching through my camera lens - and I knew I had a great shot.  It wasn't until I viewed the photo in Photoshop on my computer that I saw just how perfect it was. 

It is rare a tackler gets a good clean shot at the runner.  When you have a big linebacker driving through a small runner - number twenty-one is getting a ride (note her left foot at the right in the photo, about three feet off the ground) and she's in for a hard landing.

I knew this was a good shot when I clicked the shutter.  More often I don't "see" the shot until I'm editing in Photoshop.  And often that is when I get a chuckle.  As in this photo: 

 I don't recall the Dallas runner's name.  She's big for running back, and strong.  In this shot she's surrounded by Outlaws but refusing to give up the play.

At first look, it was just a decent action shot.  But then I saw the runner's left arm extended, grabbing the jersey of teammate Joy Newkirk, seeking just a little help.  It didn't work.  The Outlaws prevailed.  But it made me smile.  And gave me one of my all time favorite funny shots.

Sometimes fun photos come in practice.  One of the reasons I admire the Austin Outlaws is their dedication.  They work hard, often in serious Texas heat.  Late in practice, when the players were getting a little tired, coach had them doing a drill in the sand.  They'd line up and in turn, one player would get on her knees and do push ups, which were difficult in the soft sand.  To make it a little more rigorous, the next player in line would hold down the feet of the one doing the exercise. 

In this shot Minori Jovel is doing the exercise, Lily Messina is holding Minori's feet to the ground.  The next player in line - whose name escapes me - maybe a bit tired and running on fumes, holds Lily's feet.  I like the way Lily is responding.  "What are you doing?"

Kicking the football looks awful easy from the sidelines but just try it sometime.   It takes practice.  Viewing this photo on my computer, I was thinking this Austin kicker has pretty good form with great follow through.  I wondered how far the ball must have sailed - and then I saw the ball still under the holder's hand.  A whiff?  I suspect they were practicing a fake kick or doing some kind of warm-up drill but this made my list of funny photos.
One more.  Every team has a pre-game warm-up regimen.  The Outlaws start a couple of hours before game time.  In the Texas heat, I often wonder how they have energy left to play the game.  I grow tired just watching.  'Course I'm older and out of shape.  Anyway, one of the pre-game drills is something I've never seen before and something that should produce a good photo.  It is a line drill.  Players form up facing each other, get down on all fours, and hit shoulder to shoulder.  Well, a picture tells the story better than narrative.  This makes my funny photo list because, if you don't know what is going on you'll say something like "What?"

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