Sunday, April 14, 2013

Putting Saturday's Loss in Perspective

The Outlaws are part of the Women's Football Alliance.  The alliance includes something like fifty-eight teams from all across the country and from big cities like Boston, Chicago, Dallas.  (I'm fudging on the number of teams because the WFA websites says forty-five but I count fifty-eight team logos in the website banner, and fifty teams in the standings list.)

A lot of teams.  Drawing from some serious population centers with large talent pools from which to recruit. 

The Dallas Diamonds finished the 2012 season as one of the top four teams in the league.  They were one game away from the national championship, losing in the semi-finals to the San Diego Surge. 

Look at the protection the O-line provides for the Dallas
quarterback throwing a pass.  They are good.

In 2012 the Dallas Diamonds scored an average of 74 points per game while allowing an average of only 4. 

And they completed a lot of their

They were also pretty good at the run game.

They started the 2013 season with a 41-6 victory at the Houston Power. 

And we all know what happened in Austin Saturday:  Diamonds 49, Outlaws zip.

Don't let that loss get you down.  We lost to a great football team.  Lots of talented athletes.  Lots of experience.  A large Dallas/Fort Worth community from which to recruit athletes.  A top-four team in the league.  A lot of teams will lose to the Diamonds this year.

We should be proud of the Outlaws holding Dallas to under 50 points.  The Outlaws are a better team this season than last. The Outlaws will be a match for every team we face.  Maybe even a match for the Diamonds when we visit them on May 4.  But don't start looking ahead to that game. 

On April 27 we'll travel to Houston where we'll meet a strong team.  A team we can beat.  Winning in Houston won't be easy.  Like Dallas, they have a large community from which to recruit talent and they have had a great history, marred with some ups and downs.  But they are a team we can realistically expect to defeat. 

Forget about Dallas.  Get ready for Houston. 

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