Friday, June 22, 2012

Nice People

When the action on the field slows down, I aim my camera at the fans.  And get some really cool photos.  Proving good photography isn't the photographer, isn't the camera, it is the subject(s).  Today I'm just posting some of my favorite shots of fans from the Houston game, Saturday, June 16.

I usually don't do well if my subject knows I'm taking the photo.  Other times it works out okay.  In the photo above, the folks knew I was shooting them, and happily hammed it up for me when they saw the camera pointed their way.  This post is in the category "nice people."  They're all nice people.  

The couple in the following photo are also aware of the camera.  Well, she is.  She's trying to get him to notice me.  And I think she's failing.  His eyes seem focused just over my left shoulder.  Her's are right on target.  I haven't met them but I like them. 

Sometimes I know the subject of my photo.  The one above, in the red shirt, is Jo-Anne Capers.  She has two daughters playing on the Outlaws, Malia and Maile.  The daughter's share a hyphenated last name, Capers-Cristobal.  This is the first time I've noticed mom has a hypnenate first name, Jo-Anne.  One of these days I'm going to do a posting on the fascinating subject of hyphenated names.  And I'll start with the Capers-Cristobal family. 

They're from Hawaii.  I think I'd rather be to-Hawaii than from-Hawaii but Austin is a pretty good substitute for Waikiki.  I think Jo-Anne is attempting to do a hook-em horns sign but she hasn't mastered the art yet.  Close but no cigar. 

The photo below is of three of my long time favorite people.  And I'm happy to announce to you that, for the first time ever, I can give you the names of man behind the binoculars and the woman in pink.  I've posted photos of them many times but never knew their names.  I consider them friends.  They always wave at me.  They come to all Outlaws games and I have often chatted with them, but being me, I've never asked their names.  At Saturday's game, I learned their names.  And I'm proud to report the way I learned.  The other person in the photo is KJ Scheib, former Outlaw.  KJ has been reading my blog.  KJ noticed I didn't know the names of these important fans.  KJ called me over and introduced me. 

 The nice lady in pink is Beatrice and the gentleman is Ellis.


I don't know most of the people I photograph.  If you know any of them please give them a link to my blog so they'll see I'm making them famous.  The ones I don't know capture my attention because... well, I don't really know.  Certainly one reason is because I think they look good.  I'll never post an image if I don't find the subject attractive.  Sometimes handsome or beautiful.  More often "nice" looking.  They look like people I'd enjoy meeting.  Like the couple in the following photo.  They just look like nice folks, don't they.

Or the young lady below.  I didn't notice until I posted her picture that she is wearing a label, "Bad Girl."  I wonder if that's "bad" in the good sense of the term.  Like a "bad" car meaning  a really cool good car.  I had two photos of this bad girl.  The first was candid, the second is the one I've posted where she knew I was pointing my camera in her direction.  Once again, I posted this because she looks nice. 

Then there are the kids.  I love getting pictures of kids at the games.  I've said the good photograph isn't about the camera or photograrpher but the subject.  Somehow kids make wonderful subjects.  The young man in the photo to the left is interested in something out there.  There must be a break in the action on the field so whatever is interesting him, it isn't football.  I just like his expression, the Cheetos in his hand.  One of these posts soon, I'll feature lots of kid photos. 

The photo below, the last in today's post, I like a lot.  At half time the Outlaws gathered on the field and invited young fans to come and get photographed with the players.  I have several photos of this event - MaryLou did a better job covering it.  My photos are candids.  Taken from off center.  I'll post others from the event someday. 

The one I've posted here features one my most favorite people.

That is Lily Messina.  She is one of the founders of the Outlaws.  She is the key person behind the remarkable success of this organization.  I have many photos of Lily.  I've posted her profile elsewhere in this blog.  She has often shown up in action shots, as offensive guard or center. 

This photos captures for me just how special Lily is. 

You'll appreciate it a little more if you notice she's in uniform. A couple years ago Lily had a serious injury to her foot.  She played a season in spite of the injury and then retired.  And came out of retirement because they needed her on the field; it is always difficult to keep enough players healthy and active, especially enough to play in the offensive line. Lily came out of retirement becuaes the team needed her.  Lily retired again and this season devoted her time to coaching the line.  Until the center hurt her leg and was doubtful about playing in the final game.  Lily once again responded coming out of retirement for one game, for the good of the team. 

In this photo you can see Lily's love of the game, love of the people who come to the games.  She's letting a young fan try out her helmet.  And delighting in the moment. Delighting as she shares some of the experience of being an Austin Outlaw.  For twelve years Lily has been enabling dozens or hundreds of women to experience being an Austin Outlaw.   

This blog post is about nice people. 

 I know none nicer than Lily Messina. 

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