Monday, March 19, 2012

Faces of Football

MaryLou Spence has been taking photos of Outlaws for a long time.  She gets some wonderful and amazing shots.  And she has a ton of fun.  Last week was photo day for the team and she was there.  She posted some of her photos on her site.  I'm envious because her pics are better than mine.  She caught the players clowning, laughing, relaxed. 

Photography is fun.  MaryLou captured the fun in such a way that you can feel it right along with her (if she's your FB friend).   For me, I'm having fun doing this but I'm not sure you get to feel the fun with me.  I have fun stopping the action at just the right moment.  I have fun catching the intensity as players battle to control each other.  I love candids, closeups of players who don't know they're on camera. 

The photos I'm posting today were fun for me.  Are they fun for you, too?

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