Friday, October 14, 2011

Bridgette Brown

There is no athlete on the Outlaws I admire any more than Bridgette Brown.

Bridgette waiting to get out on the field.

Someday I want to do a player profile on Bridgette Brown.  She has a remarkable story to tell.  I've interviewed her once.  I need to follow-up, update my information, get her permission to write about some of her life experiences - she is a remarkable individual.  She has come through some difficult times. 

She is a great football player, the most sure tackler on  the Outlaws team.  I first noticed her when I saw an opponent running back disappear.  One minute she was there, the next she was gone, on the ground.  A little later the same thing - runner is there, runner is on the ground.

I asked someone "what happened?"  Answer:  Bridgette Brown.

Instead of writing lots of words about Bridgette, I'm just going to post some photos.  These photos are mostly from a single season, 2009.  In a future posting I'll include more Bridgette photos.  I have a bunch.

First of two - when Bridgette has you in her sights you aren't
going to escape.

Second of two - Bridgette power driving through the runner,
pushing her backwards and eventually to the ground.

First of three - Bridgette has the runner trapped between Grif
and the sideline. 

Bridgette wraps her arms around the runner in a big
bear hug.

And drags the runner to the ground.  Notice this tackle took
place on the far sideline.  The other was in the middle of the line.
Bridgette covers the entire field.  One of the things I admire
about her is her hustle.  If you have the ball, she's coming to
get you.  Whereever you are.

I think this was Dallas in 2008 - runner
isn't going to escape once Bridgette
has wrapped her up. 

Number 3 is Soho, the only other Outlaws tackler I'd consider as
strong as Bridgette.  And Dallas' #11 is in big trouble - 
the Outlaw's two top tacklers are closing in on her.

Soho and Bridgette making the tackle.  Notice only Bridgette has a foot on the ground.

Another shot from 2008 - open field tackling is difficult.  Especially when
you're a 200 pound linebacker going after an elusive light-weight runner.

But if Bridgette can get a hand on you, you're going down.

And you may even lose the ball in the process.

I've been watching and photographing Bridgette for several years.  She is quiet (her email address is "Meakness" - but on the field she is anything but meek).  She is an amazing athlete.  This past season coach used her at running back.  I couldn't be a coach if my life depended on it so I shouldn't question decisions of someone smarter than I am - but to me Bridgette belongs on defense making splendid tackles.

More on her in future posts.

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