Friday, September 30, 2011

Ouch! Heavy

There's a term in space travel called "G's."  I don't understand exactly what it means but my own notion is that G is for gravity and G's of pressure represent is how it feels on your body when the spaceship blasts off.  Start with just one G and that's how you feel walking around.  Two G's means you're feeling twice as heavy as normal.  Three G's feels triple your own weight. 

So if you're taking off in space and experience four G's, it is like having three of yourself piled on top of you.   

This from an old game with Oklahoma City.  That year they boasted
having a line of all 300-pound plus ladies.  What did it feel
like having 1,200 pounds of football players on top of you?
There are lots of piles in football.  The runner goes down and a host of defenders and blockers land on top.  Ouch!  Does that hurt?  How many G's can one person handle?  I browsed my photos to see if there were any crushing images. 

And found a few.  

In earlier posts we've noticed football accommodates larger ladies.  If you're a small runner taken down by a large line player, you might experience two G's with just one person landing on you.

I don't know who the runner is but there's one 300 pound
tackler - that's two G's plus.  And the way her body is
being bent looks unnatural.  She did come out in good
shape.  No injuries. Not sure how.

This is a pile in progress.  I noticed the Dallas player at bottom right
in the photo.  Can't tell how many G's are on top but it looks painful.

I see Ski at bottom right.  A suggestion for tacklers - avoid pulling
the runner down on top of yourself.  Sure looks like an awkward
position with a few G's on top.  Ouch.

Another pile.  Would hate to be at the bottom.

This one is so much G's of pressure as just uncomfortable.  The bigger
player on top has her knees right on the back of the Outlaw on the
ground.  Shin  bones are hard.  Does that hurt?  Ouch.

Big tackler, small runner.  Two G's?

Okay, kept this one just because it is funny.  Tacklers seem to do
this a lot, pull the runner down on top of her.  Maybe that's just
being kind.  Smaller runner sitting on larger tackler. 

I think that's Tiffany at the bottom.  Had trouble finding
good photos of her because she was often hidden
beneath a pile of running backs.
One of my favorite Outlaws was Tiffany James.  She played at free safety and her job was to take down any runner who got through the line and linebackers.  Tiffany wasn't all that big, maybe 135 pounds, and often found herself facing runners coming fast and hard.  Early on, Tiffany wasn't a great tackler but she was tenacious.  What she lacked in style she made up in determination.  She would grab the runner and hang on and drag her down.  Normally with Tiffany on the bottom. 

She earned the nickname "Crash Test Dummy."

She also got much better at tackling - it was a matter of survival.

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